About Us

Whole Plants Health was founded, and is owned by, a group of like-minded individuals who have made it their mission to assemble the finest team of scientists, doctors, growers, processors, and patient and physician liaisons there are to offer. With this highly qualified team of experts, Whole Plants Health will lead the way toward truly safe and effective pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products for all patients. Several of Whole Plants Health operators, and employees were instrumental in the passage of Act 16, The Medical Marijuana Act, from its initial drafting in 2013, to its final passage on April 17, 2016. Simply put, Whole Plants Health is a deeply rooted Pennsylvania company whose intention is to put the best medical marijuana products into the hands of those who need and deserve relief.

Our Mission

Whole Plants Health will treat every qualified patient with a dignified experience by delivering safe, consistent and reliable medical marijuana products. Guided by a respect for all people, sound science and the environment, we will continually strive to be the partner of choice for our patients, diverse service providers, neighbors, and the Commonwealth.

Our Vision

To provide patients with the highest quality and truly specified medical marijuana products. We will achieve this through continued research, best practices and the use of superior growing, processing and blending techniques coupled with the thoughtful development of a team of nationally renowned experts, scientists and medical professionals.

Whole Plants Health



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